Van owners have many different choices when they are deciding on what van sign writing they should choose. Here at Nigel Smith, we decided to have something bold and strong and reflects our brand.

We approached Allen Signs us to see if they could come up with something that reflected the fact that Nigel Smith weren’t your average Plumbers and that there skills extended well beyond what you’d normnally expect of a Plumber at that time, they where being asked to provide more environmentally sustainable products even then which must have been 7 or 8 years ago. The previous design was a conventional text only livery with no imagery or any product or accreditation marks. These again set Nigel Smith apart from their piers. we selected a range of imagery to illustrate the Different types of installations.

We wanted to introduce some colour into the scheme too hence the shades of green Nigel Smith had been associated with red vans since the beginning to having a livery that would work on the standard red vans was essential to to remain consistant with the existing vehicles we also retained but adjusted the logo mark so the the typeface remained the same again so that the value built up in the previous livery was maintained.

Since redesigning the van livery on all our fleet, we constantly receive excellent comments about our vans! They seem to get noticed to the point, where clients recognise them instantly as they pull up outside their home and businesses.

If you would like more details on Van Livery call Allen Signs on 01522 501500. Or visit their website

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