Here at Nigel Smith Plumbing, we are classed as Key Workers

As it stands, those who work in the water (including sewerage), oil, gas and electricity industries are classed as key workers. This includes the entire supply chain and so, a number of plumbing and heating engineers.

We expect the majority will be working in emergency situations only. Therefore, it is not ‘business as usual’ for the majority of domestic plumbing and heating professionals.

The coronavirus pandemic brings with it many challenges – ones we have never faced before – and so a lot of uncertainty. The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) has put together the following advice for consumers who need the services of a plumbing or heating engineer during the pandemic. Though it should be noted the situation can and will change daily, so it is imperative we adapt to the latest Government advice.

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Plumbing and heating emergencies

The CIPHE is anticipating a rise in certain plumbing and heating issues due to coronavirus:

  • Blocked toilets, drains and sewers caused by people flushing unsuitable items due to the toilet roll shortage
  • Landlords finding it harder to comply with Gas Safety Regulations, due to a lack of engineers and issues gaining access if tenants are self-isolating
  • Householders having general issues calling out plumbing and heating engineers in emergency and breakdown situations – especially if in self-isolation or a lock down situation.

The CIPHE has issued advice to consumers on dealing with blocked toilets in particular here: Wet wipe woes

For up to date infomation on the Gas Safety Regulations visit:

Plumbing emergencies can cause a lot of damage as well as pose a significant risk to the elderly and vulnerable. It can be vital they are dealt with quickly. Make sure you check in with older relatives and neighbours (on the phone or while taking into account social distancing) to make sure their heating and hot water is working adequately.

It is certainly not recommended as standard best practice, but if you have a plumbing emergency during in the Covid-19 related period of lockdown, or during a period of self-isolation within your household, give Nigel Smith Plumbing a ring to see if there is any professional guidance they can offer over the telephone.

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